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Refund Policy

Gifts / Donations

Charitable gifts and donations are generally not refundable. Refunds will be made in the event of a mistake or if the purpose for which the gift is given cannot be fulfilled by Sugar River Soccer Club, Inc. (SRSC). Individuals who receive refunds have the responsibility of correcting any tax filings they have made reflecting the refunded amount.

Registration Cancellation by Participant

Refunds are generally unavailable to registrants unless such cancellation occurs prior to the official start date of the season. Refunds are also unavailable to registrants that choose not to play due to conflicts, team or coaching assignments, playing time or suspensions. Prorated refunds may be considered if registrants suffer season-ending injuries, or on a case-by-case basis with a physician's letter.

Event / Program Cancellation by Sponsor

SRSC reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances that would make the event nonviable. If an event is cancelled by SRSC, registrants may be offered a refund. In unlikely situations where an event is cancelled due to weather, an emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances, SRSC may not be able to offer a refund.

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