Fall & Spring Seasons

Ages 8-18 (birth year 2012 and older) with games played in 

surrounding communities.

The MAYSA soccer program uses birth years to determine age groups for team registration. Click here to check the matrix and answer questions about which age group your child(ren) should be registered for.

The next important step to continue with this season is registering with MAYSA in order to carry proper insurance and oversight over our activities. The MAYSA season will start May 5 and go until June 28. This is a month later than usual. It will be played only on fields and in areas allowed by local municipalities and school districts.

Our goal is to launch a season knowing we still may have only a fraction of the players, volunteers, fields and opponents. We have adjusted player fees to the minimum required to sustain a season. We have also evaluated the most restrictions we will require and the primary adjustments we will need to have a season. The primary statement being: "Restricted soccer is better than no soccer."

For full transparency of our Spring 2021 plans, it’s important that we clearly outline the following:

We have adjusted the price of registration to account for the minimum cost needed to have a team. These fees cover: MAYSA fees, local village and vision fees, field paint, and ref fees.

No late registration.

No financial aid.

No coaching fee waivers.

No refunds after the teams have been submitted. (Jan. 25)

Tournament fees are not included in the registration fee. If your team chooses to do a tournament, that will be an additional cost.

Season is currently planned for a minimum of 1 practice/week with anywhere from 1-8 games. Field availability may impact our ability to provide any more than this.

COVID restrictions ( will be adhered to and enforced by coaches.

Registration will open Monday, December 28th and close Friday, January 15.

We will assess and adjust as the season moves into summer if local precautions are lifted. We are looking forward to seeing players back on the field this Spring. Please note, teams that are built for the Spring, may look different than previous seasons (could include blended ages), and will likely be rebuilt in the Fall of 2021.



We look forward to seeing

you on the soccer field!


Please email us at with any questions!